by Raijin

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released July 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Raijin Viña Del Mar, Chile

Raijin is:
- F. Stelee (Guitars & Vocals)
- S. Reaper (Guitar & Artwork)
- V. Bangs (Bass)
- J. García (Drum & Percussion)

- Eduardo Saavedra

Band Contact:
- heavyrokk@gmail.com
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Track Name: Shaking the grave
Are you scared to believe?
there is a place where
you'll never come back.
are you scared to hell?
give me one more shoot,
say goodbye!
no one can help you in
my kingdom of pain,
my head is broken
and your neck will be next.

Shaking the grave,
awaking demons to keep me alive,
shaking the grave
I offer your body for sacriface

Your eyes are shinning,
your tears are delicious.
the guest are here,
i'm bewitched for your blood!
take my hand, give me
your last whisper,
show me that you are
strong enough to survive.
Track Name: Tigerheart
There's a moment in our lifes
to take off all the skin
in the bushes start the hunt
never forgive the past.
you say I have no chance to win
so, you'll be my first prey,
'cause inside of me lives a tiger
and it will never be defeated.

Shut up, I released the tigerheart.
shut up, feel fear of the wild.

People like you'll never understand,
just say: that is wrong, all the time.
and they are happy in their lives,
while they're diggin' their own graves.
Track Name: Night 'n' Roll
When I'm at valpo's port
searching for some fun
there's no lights in the town...
just one place would be the answer,
Let's go to the night and roll,
Satan is the owner,
heavy metal the favourite drink,
go go just feel the power!

You say i'm wrong,
I'm say all is fine!
you say it's too late,
I'm say more wine!
My life has already ended,
since I work there,
but I can't feel better
give me more beer!

I just reached the maximum speed
I can make the water burn,
I'm a little stinky, you know,
just is the client's blood woah,
Come on, one more time,
this place never closes a door,
maybe you'll never come back,
details baby, give me give more!
Track Name: Heavy Metal
Another day to cry I'm alive,
another night to fight with your lies,
I'm living in the end of the world,
so baby, don't try to change my mind.

We are the ARMY of children from the past,
we have grown by guitar riffs and drum's blasts.
We don't need another reason to live,
Our heavy metal is forever!

Did you heard us?, did you?
Did you fear us?, did you?

There is no time for an explanation,
just feel the speed and fly with me,
we are the old spirit's reencarnation,
we choose the path of the steel!

We are the ARMY of children from the past,
Rock n' roll is our reason to stand,
Our side has never waned ,
the heavy metal keeps us alive!